Application Of Sucralose In Coffee Beverage

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Application Of Sucralose In Coffee Beverage

  With the rapid growth of the global economy, people's living standards and health awareness, more and more consumers are beginning to focus on food safety and food health. At the same time, low-sugar, low-calorie, sugar-free and non-calorie health foods have become the mainstream development trend in the market. In line with market demand, sugar-free alternative products continue to evolve, a new generation of healthy and safe high-intensity sweeteners came into being, and the food manufacturing industry entered another stage of development.


1, sucralose
  Sucralose, also known as Sucralose, is a new generation of high-intensity sweeteners developed after aspartame and acesulfame (AK sugar). Sucralose is prepared by chlorination of sucrose as a raw material. The sweetness is about 600 times that of sucrose. The sweetness is pure and very similar to sucrose. Sucralose has excellent stability and is stable to light, heat and pH. Its crystalline product is stable under storage conditions of 20 ° C for 4 years. Sucralose is hardly absorbed in the human body and has no calories. It can be consumed by patients such as obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. High safety and good processing performance are considered to represent the highest level and development direction of high-intensity sweeteners.

  At present, sucralose has been used in nearly 100 countries and more than 3,000 kinds of food and beverage in the world, and is widely used in food, beverage, daily chemical, health care products and medicine. It has been widely developed in the United States, Europe, and Japan, but its development in China is still in its infancy, and its market development and product application research work has a long way to go.


2. Market analysis of sucralose in coffee beverages
  Coffee is one of the most widely popular beverages in human society. It has a bitter taste, a specific aroma, and contains caffeol and 1.3% caffeine alkaloids. It is very popular in the United States, Germany, France, Malagasy, and Japan. All major beverage companies pay close attention to the development and market development of coffee beverages. The global consumption of coffee beverages is increasing every year.

  On many occasions, add a coffee mate to the coffee, and then add some sugar, such as sugar cubes, sugar, fine sugar, black sugar, coffee sugar and so on. However, such sugars are costly and energy-intensive, and excessive intake can greatly increase the burden on the body. Sucralose can effectively reduce the energy of coffee beverages, improve the taste of products, enhance the flavor of products, reduce the calorie content of products and the cost of products. Its development in the coffee beverage market has been widely favored and recognized by consumers, and its development momentum is rapid. The market potential is huge.

  Sucralose is easy to use in the product processing technology and does not affect the product process. It can be used alone or in combination with other sweeteners or sucrose or fructose. Figure 1 shows the application analysis of high-intensity sweeteners in coffee beverages around the world. It is obvious that the application of sucralose in coffee beverages is developing rapidly in recent years. A large number of new products are developed every year using sucralose. Alternative to sugar; the application of aspartame in coffee beverages shows a downward trend, and the development is slightly slow; Acesulfame is a good compounding partner for high-intensity sweeteners, and it also has a good development trend in the coffee industry, but Acesulfame It is rarely used alone, and generally needs to be mixed with other sweeteners to have a better taste; other high-intensity sweeteners such as stevioside, cyclamate, and sodium saccharin are less used in this field. Therefore, the combination of sucralose and acesulfame has been widely used in solid coffee beverages, making it ideal for coffee drinks.

Figure 1 New data on solid coffee drinks with high-intensity sweetener

Application Of Sucralose In Coffee Beverage


Figure 2 Global solid coffee beverage low sugar / sugar-free declaration analysis

Application Of Sucralose In Coffee Beverage


Figure 3 National analysis of sucralose-containing products

Application Of Sucralose In Coffee Beverage


  With special groups and people's demands for health, products with low sugar, no sugar or less sugar are actively responded to in the global market. As can be seen from Figure 2, the claims of low sugar and sugar in the new coffee products are increasing in recent years. To meet market demand. Data analysis of global coffee products shows that in the United States, Japan, Brazil, Germany, China, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia and other countries, the number of new products using sweeteners and sugar-free or low-sugar coffee drinks is being Rapid growth. Many well-known international companies are now researching or launching new coffee products containing sucralose, such as Nestle and Kraft. Among them, the sucralose-containing coffee beverage has obvious development advantages in Japan, Thailand, the United States, etc., while the development in other countries is relatively slow, and it still needs to be vigorously developed and guided.


3. Summary outlook
  Applying sucralose to coffee beverages not only improves the taste of coffee, improves people's health, reduces caloric intake, reduces the probability of obesity and diabetes, but also reduces product costs and improves the company's production efficiency. Therefore, the application of sucralose in coffee drinks has attracted widespread attention from many high-tech companies.

  Sucralose, because of its high safety, excellent taste, good stability, superior processing performance, and its huge application potential will surely become the preferred sweetener in the coffee beverage market. Its market is huge and the prospect is immeasurable.